I love my sniper! It’s an invaluable tool for HD! An amazing product!!! Best money  spent!
Penny Sprague, San Pedro, CA
  Thanks, you guys made an indispensable tool that I don’t want to work without.                                                                                  E. Gunnar Mortensen Los Angeles, CA

” I love the Sniper, it has made me a better focus puller, especially in the Arm cars. Everyone that sees my Sniper always asks about it, and I always give them a demo.I could not be happier with it” Justin Painter, Chicago, IL

I just finished my first day shooting with the SniperMK III. I can’t thank you enough. What would otherwise have been a very stressful day went very smoothly indeed thanks to the Sniper. Graham Johnston, Lixembourg

The Sniper working well and glad to say it has saved my bacon a few times!!           Warren Lazarides, Southport, Australia

 You guys are the best!!!!!  It is very much appreciated, “Your product and business has made my life easier in doing my job.”  Rob Magnano Los Angeles, CA

 “I absolutely love the sniper, gives me an unfair advantage every time.                                         Cameron Dunn  Victoria, Australia 

The sniper was a life saver for me buddy.. We shot on the red 6k with 70mm lenses.. Zero depth of field.. Long lens shots from the Edge car to car. Saved my rear multiple times.. Cheers from Miami dude!! Ride Along 2 Lou DeMarco Los Angeles, CA

Thank you very much!  I love using my sniper and I show it off to every camera assistant I work with.  
Thanks for making such a great tool! Arien Hatch  Culver City, CA
  Just to let you know the sniper with the 17 degree and the smoke iris on the front is saving my bacon out here in Rome. we are chasing an aston martin and a sporty jag and it is giving me a  solid enough readout at speeds of 80 miles an hour plus.  i am really glad i have it as i would be struggling.
thanks Jon Webb 1st AC Bond 24

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